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“Sublime” Murano Glass Chandelier

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“Sublime” Original Murano Glass chandelier. In 6+3 lights it is made in black with red and amber decorations.  It can be customized as to size and color.

lights:       6+3

Height:    110 cm     43 Inches

Width:      90 cm      35 Inches

The Rezzonico line of chandeliers require masterful precision which makes them a true work of art. Each Rezzonico chandelier requires an incredible amount of skill and time. This chandelier requires precision to twist and shape each piece. Every shape of glass has to be masterly executed because any outsize piece wouldn’t fit to be mounted between the others. The finish product is breathtaking to say the least.



“Sublime” Murano glass chandelier 6+3 lights. This chandelier is beautiful in black with colored finishes. It is hand made just for you by our Venetian Glass Master.  It can be customized as to size and color.

Lights:         6+3
Height:        43 Inches          110 cm
Width :        35  Inches          90 cm

Rezzonico Murano Chandeliers

Let our Classic Murano Chandeliers entice you with their timeless beauty. Which is achieved by ancient glassblowing techniques. The combination of these two elements make your chandelier a true work of art.


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