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Rombo Shine like a Diamond

Rombo Shine like a diamond is from our Classic Murano glass Chandelier line. It comes in 32 lights. Basically the words “Any Question?”  apply to the awesomeness of this beautifully created chandelier.  It will add great beauty to your living space. it is specially hand made just for you by our Venetian glass masters.

Height: 137 Inches        350cm

Width:   47 Inches          120cm

Weight:  approx. 39.7lb    18 kilos



Rombo Shine Like a diamond is from our Classic Murano Glass chandelier line.  it comes in 32 lights and of course it can be customized to fit your taste.  Hand made just for you and yours by our Venetian glass masters.

Height:  137 Inches        350cm

Width:    47 Inches         120cm

Weight:  approx. 39.7 lb        18 Kilos


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