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“Bacio” Murano Floral Chandelier

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BACIO or KISS in 12 Lights is from our Impressionism Murano Glass Chandelier Line. This is a breathtaking chandelier handmade just for you by our Venetian glass master.   It can be customized as to size and color.

Lights:      12

Height:     140 cm     55.1  Inches

Width:      120 cm      47.2 Inches




Bacio or Kiss from our Impressionist line Original Murano Glass Chandelier.  Hand made just for you by our Venetian glass master.

It can be customized as to size and color.

Lights:    12

Width:     120 cm      47.2 Inches

Height:    140 cm       55.1  Inches

Murano Floral Chandeliers

The impressionism line of Murano chandeliers  which are inspired by the impressionist masters and their perception of what they saw at the moment they captured an object. This line will impress you due to their spectacular beauty.  Hand made just for you.

2 reviews for “Bacio” Murano Floral Chandelier

  1. click

    Bravo, you were visited with simply magnificent idea

  2. avenue17

    It is difficult to tell.

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