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“Sun” Murano Modern Chandelier

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The modern Sun chandelier has a particular structure consisting of a central “body” to which the glass “flames” representing the sun’s rays are screwed.

Thanks to the faded red color of each flame, the final visual impact alludes to a real “sun” and ensures a magnificent look for its modern lighting, both when the chandelier is on and when it is off. Captivating design that adapts to modern environments, giving them contrast, refinement and elegance, thanks to the versatility of its lines.
The bulbs are found in every flame.

Height: 200 cm
Diameter: 220 cm
Lights: 150 G9 LEDs
Flames: 150

It can be fully customized: you can choose height and diameter, as well as the number of flames.
You can change both the color of the “core” and that of the “flames”.



Height: 200 cm
Diameter: 220 cm
Lights: 150 G9 LEDs
Flames: 150


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