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“Carmenio” Murano Modern Chandelier

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The luxurious modern “Carmenio” chandelier is made up of 235 flames of various colors and different processes. It has a very particular frame to which the lights (which are inside the chandelier) are fixed.
It is a real contemporary sculpture that stands out extraordinarily when switched on, for its modern lighting emitted by the explosion of lights and colors that pass through the glass.
All this gives a real carnival of emotions by transmitting cheerfulness and vivacity to the environment that surrounds it.

Height: 200 cm
Diameter: 100 cm
Lights: 20 G9 led
Flames: 235

It can be fully customized: the height, diameter and number of internal lights can be modified. The shape can also be different as well as the type and number of flames.
The color of the flames can be customized: a single color or several transparent and / or paste shades.



Height: 200 cm
Diameter: 100 cm
Lights: 20 G9 led
Flames: 235


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