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Barchetta Oval-Shaped Venetian Style Chandelier
Handmade Murano Glass with Spirals
This pure Rezzonico style chandelier was inspired by the typical oval and curved shape of the small Venetian boats called “barchetta”

Its long oval shape perfectly fits above an elegant dinner table. To enhance this entirely handmade design, there are many crystal colured Murano glass details with precious inner gold leafed decorations.

Some glass pendants, called “ciondoli”, hang down from the arms. According to the glass manufacture and Venetian tradition, these pendants are tightened to each arm with twisted copper cords.



Metal structure with silver finish.

Oval-shaped chandelier made of crystal coloured Murano glass with 18 (12+6) lights arranged on two levels.

From the top:

6 lights with flowers, cups and leaves
Three compositions of flowers and leaves called “Giardino”
12 lights, two of which on two spiral shaped arms
All glass elements are fixed with an iron wire as per the ancient Venetian chandelier tradition.


Size: W. 180 cm, D. 90 cm, H. 120 cm

Size: W. 70″ 7/8, D. 35″ 1/2, H. 47″ 1/4


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